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Iowa Whitetail Deer Hunting

Akin Outfitters has over 1,000 acres of hunting land near Fremont and Chillicothe, Iowa. We will be running 2 archery deer hunts per year with 4 hunters in each hunt. A select few shotgun and muzzleloader hunts will be available as well. We are making this a premier hunting property for harvesting only mature animals and minimum hunting pressure. We do not want to over-harvest the property and therefore are making restrictions on both number of hunters and class of harvested animals.

Iowa is a draw state, therefore an application needs to be submitted for a deer license each year to earn a preference point for each year, and will most likely draw in the 3rd year the application is submitted. Akin Outfitters will complete this process for you for a small fee, until you draw. In the second year of application, there is a possibility of drawing a permit, therefore when the application is submitted for the draw, the actual license fee for that year will be payable. If you do not draw, you will be refunded your money and still receive a preference point.

Southeast Iowa has some of the biggest bucks in the country!

If you want some great whitetail trophy hunting, you won't do any better than with Akin Outfitters in southeast Iowa...
Mark-Alma, Michigan



There is a house available for lodging. Accomodations are provided, but you will need to bring your own bedding or sleeping bag. A full service kitchen is available; however meals are the hunters' own responsibility.




There is approximately 1,000 acres of agricultural crops and small woodlots with draws and creeks running throughout the property.



Archery Hunts:
There is a 140-inch Class minimum restriction for each deer harvested on the property.
There is a $500 fine for anything under 140-inch Class immediately.

Shotgun/Muzzleloader Hunts:
There is a 140-inch Class minimum restriction for each deer harvested on the property.
There is a $500 fine for anything under 140-inch Class

You are allowed to harvest a doe at any time during your hunt and there is no extra fee for doing so. We encourage this for all our hunters.

The Iowa DNR Application Information Sheet must be filled out and returned to us by April 20, 2017. A printable form in PDF format is available here.


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Five and a half day archery:
$3,400 plus State tag.

Five day shotgun/muzzleloader:
$3,600 plus State tag.

*Fees do not include state license or gratuities.
(suggested gratuity 5-20% of hunt)

Check out this 200" trophy from 2016!


Mark Dupuie (989) 681-4300
Doug Cobb (989) 205-5811
Bob Zuzula (989) 892-6225
Jake Everdeen (989) 330-2494

(more available upon request)


We are licensed and insured.
Call Kurt now to reserve your trip: (989) 737-8747
or email info@akinoutfitters.com

*All photos and videos taken by Akin Outfitters during your hunt are the exclusive property of Akin Outfitters
and may be used for promotional purposes on this web site and other advertising brochures, etc.